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When will my order ship?


All orders are processed immediately and shipped within three business days. You can expect to receive your order within seven business days.


How do I cancel my order?


All orders are subject to cancellation prior to shipping. Our orders are processed immediately so please reach out as soon as possible to if you wish to cancel the order.  Once an order has been shipped it can no longer be canceled.


Can I return my order?


We do not accept returns at this time. Once an order is shipped it is final sale. If you wish to cancel an order you must do so prior to shipping. Please email with any questions.


Where can I find my receipt?


If you are apart of our loyalty program and use our app to order ahead, you can find your receipt under past orders.


Why won’t my gift card work online?


We currently only accept gift cards at our drive-thru locations. If you are looking to buy wholesale coffee or Coffee Rush merch with a gift card we recommend doing so in person.


What is the best way to store my Coffee Beans?


We suggest buying an air tight canister and storing your coffee in a cool, dry place away from any heat or light. It is best to use your coffee within one month so that it stays fresh.


Can I buy whole beans at one of your store locations?


Yes! We have beans for sale at every Coffee Rush location.


Do you have Decaf?


Yes! We always have a decaf blend on hand. Our Rush Decaf is strong and light bodied with a smoky Aroma. This Colombian high elevation coffee is robust and its profile has bold tobacco flavors.


Origin: Central & South Americas


What days are cafes and drive-thrus closed?


We are open all days of the week and limited hours all holidays. Hours during holidays vary depending on location. We recommend asking your barista for location specific hours!

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